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Your support helps us care for the 120,000 animals every year.

Let us introduce you to a few of them...

Meet Emma!

Both horses were 100kg underweight. An examination revealed that along with severe emaciation, they were infested with intestinal worms and suffering from painful gum disease.

Thanks to the support we receive, weeks of dedicated around-the-clock care and treatment nursed them back to health. Emma is now like a young horse again, thoroughly loving life in her new home, while her companion is still being cared for by the RSPCA.

Thank you.

Meet Heather and Liz!

Unwell, with little or no drinking water and contaminated food. Liz was especially terrified. She’d jump at any noise, and was too scared to walk through a doorway.

Your support provides all the practical things a wounded animal needs to recover from injury as well as the intangible benefits of love and care our team give to animals to regain their health.

They’ve now been adopted, and like nothing better than long walks through the paddocks and their treat carrots.

Thank you.

Meet Abby!

The puppy turned out to be one of the sweetest dogs the vets had ever come across.

After a short stay in foster care, and receiving vaccinations, she was soon ready to find a new loving home.

Because of your support, we cared for Abby when she needed us most and are able to provide a loving home to thousands of stray, abandoned and neglected animals every year.

Thank you.

Meet Max!

Gentle Max was surrendered to the RSPCA missing most of his fur, caused by disease & infection.

He was treated with antibiotics and weekly anitiseptic baths.

Due to his condition Max needed lots of extra TLC so he was placed into RSPCA’s volunteer foster program where he could receive care in a home environment.

On his first walk, he didn’t know what to do.But after a few more tries his playful nature kicked in. He started to love sniffing every little thing and especially running up to muddy puddles and splashing around.

Max was recently adopted to his forever home where his new owners have accepted him just the way he his, ongoing treatments and all.

Meet Cassie!

She was found tied up and abandoned at a train station with her friend Callie.

Luckily, they were brought straight to the RSPCA to begin their journey to recovery.

RSPCA was able to provide essential vet treatment including vaccinations, desexing and microchipping, helping these little dogs get ready for a new family.

Thanks to you, we could provide a loving home when Cassie and Callie needed us most.

Happy and healthy, both Cassie and Callie are now enjoying a second chance at life with their new forever families.

Meet Pringles!

Pringles, an Irish Wolfhound, was abandoned in a park at only 5 months old. Luckily a passer-by witnessed the car driving away, and quickly approached to watch over the puppy, waiting to see if the driver would return. Sadly, no one came back.

When his rescuer first brought Pringles to the RSPCA, the little puppy was timid and fearful, but quickly gained confidence in care. We vaccinated, mircochipped and de-sexed him, to prepare him for a loving forever home.

Thanks to you, we cared for Pringles when he needed us most, and were able to find him a loving family.

Meet Alfred!

Alfred, a Maltese Terrier mix Shih Tzu puppy, was surrendered to the RSPCA with his mum and dad. Alfred’s dad was de-sexed and adopted quickly. His mum spent a few weeks nurturing little Alfred, before she too was adopted.

Alfred then spent some time in a foster home until he was big enough to be de-sexed. His foster carer did not mind one bit!

He was the perfect little gentleman: always cuddly, he never whimpered, and put himself to bed at 7.30 each night! A family who fell in love with him the moment they met him has since adopted Alfred.

Thanks to you, we were able to help Alfred and his family when they needed us the most.

Meet Bella!

Bella, a Chocolate Labrador, was picked up by the RSPCA ambulance when she was found wandering the streets, severely malnourished and scarred by severe weathering.

Her owners could not be found. Poor Bella came back to the RSPCA, where she was placed in foster care. She desperately needed to heal and gain her strength and weight back. Bella still bears the scars on her face, but she won the hearts of her foster parents, who fell in love with her and adopted her.

She now lives a happy and healthy life in her new forever home with her best friend Flex, a Dachshund mix Whippet who was also an RSPCA Adopt-a-pet.

Meet Angel, Yazzi and Hope!

Angel, Yazzi and Hope were less than 5 weeks old when they were found huddled together in a front yard.

A concerned good Samaritan kept an eye out for the mother cat all day, but when she did not show they called the RSPCA for assistance.

Too young to fend for themselves, they needed to be bottled fed, and given a lot of care and attention. A volunteer foster carer looked after them until they were big and strong.

Angel, Yazzi and Hope have now found purrrfect forever homes with thanks to your generous support!

Meet Charlie, Gigi and Georgina!

Charlie and his two sisters, Gigi and Georgina, were found abandoned in a cardboard box with their desperate mother, Betty, sitting by their side.

RSPCA vets gave the little canine family a thorough check-up and all were luckily in fairly good health. The young family went to a foster home so Betty could raise her pups in peace and comfort.

Once the puppies were big and strong enough, Betty and her puppies were adopted by new ‘furever’ homes.

Thanks to your support, we were able to take care of this little family when they were vulnerable and homeless.

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